Steven George Jones is an avoidant artist* working in the ludic tradition across a variety of disciplines, including video, audio, performance and painting.

His work is concerned with the observation of, and interaction with, the immediate urban environment and seeks to provide alternative perspectives to this familiarity.

In 2000, he founded BOSCH, an art collective based upon collaboration, improvisation and spontaneity. BOSCH now has members from across the world, working in a variety of mediums.

In 2010 he co-founded the Postport Office in the centre of Newport, a cultural hub dedicated to local expression with a penchant for experimental music and performance.

In 2013 he initiated Upmarket Galleries, allowing local artists free studio and exhibition space within Newport indoor Victorian market.

He also works under the names Arcs Of Semen, Stuart Farnsworth and Art C**t.

His paintings have been exhibited in Newport, Cardiff, Heraklion and Berlin.



* This is a made-up term.

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