Formed on the ides of March, 2000. An art collective based upon collaboration, improvisation and spontaneity.

BOSCH MEMBERSBOSCH usually consists of at least one of the above.

Begun as a wilfully irksome antidote to a self-congratulatory local music scene, BOSCH started playing local gigs with the express intention of disrupting the show. These filmed ‘disruptions’ were edited and later freely distributed as DVDs at the venues where the ‘disruptions’ originally took place.

Over the years, BOSCH sought out unorthodox performance opportunities, including a Halloween party for the Speedo-clad Canadian national ice-hockey team and a fifteen minute performance piece during a wake at the Maesglas Social Club, Newport.

In 2010, BOSCH opened The Postport Office,  a social and art-based happening-hub in the centre of Newport. This saw BOSCH diversify into film, rock-opera and concepts.

In June 2013, BOSCH self-financed The Little Shop Of Horace, a pop-up gallery by day and a live music venue by night. Highlights included Whispers Of Bilk, a sonic art performance beginning at 3am and a guitar-based morning raga performed at 8am for the benefit of council employees en route to the nearby Civic Centre. The Little Shop Of Horace received a formal written complaint from the council regarding “excessive loud music”.

In October 2013, BOSCH hosted the BOSCH Harvest Festival, a two-day spoken-word and experimental music festival with performers from Chile, France, the Netherlands and the UK. The festival sold-out both nights and was partly financed by Arts Council Wales.

In 2014, to mark their 14th year, BOSCH performed Ides Of March, a one-hour performance in Newport’s St Woolos Cathedral.

In 2014, BOSCH collaborated with Newport-based theatre makers Mr and Mrs Clark on Smash It Up, a show developed in response to the destruction of a piece of public art by Newport City Council. At 2015’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Smash It Up was short-listed for the Amnesty Freedom of Expression Award and in 2016 ran a 16 date tour across Wales and England.

An ever fluctuating line-up has seen collaborators in music, film and performance from Japan, US, Georgia, Breton, Slovakia, Greece, Hungary, Uruguay, Ireland, UK. Until an appearance at 2015’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival, BOSCH had never performed outside of Wales.


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