BOSCH began issuing noise upon its inception on the ides of March, 2000. Formed as an improvise-once-only collective, playing local gigs with the intent to disrupt the shows. These filmed ‘disruptions’ were edited and later freely distributed as DVDs at the venues where the ‘disruptions’ originally took place.

Over the years, BOSCH sought out unorthodox performance opportunities, including a Halloween party for the Canadian national ice-hockey team dressed in Speedos, and a fifteen minute performance piece during a wake at the Maesglas Social Club, Newport.

In 2014, to mark their 14th year, BOSCH performed Ides Of March, a one-hour set in Newport’s St Woolos Cathedral.


In addition to composing soundtracks for their own films, BOSCH also scored The Shaman Of Rust (2015) by Massimo Salvatore.

Steven George Jones has composed sound pieces for installations by artists Anna Bush Crews (Hammered, 2014) and Marion Cheung (Lost Connections, 2015) and his own Machen Mountaineering (2015).

His sound piece I Came To Crete To Die was featured as part of the Radiophrenia’s 2017 experimental radio station broadcasting from Glasgow’s Centre for Contemporary Art and as part of Borealis Festival 2018, a festival for experimental music in Bergen, Norway.

Work continues on the debut BOSCH album Expect Delay. They support the Nightingales at Newport’s Le Public Space on Saturday, June 2nd.

More noise can be heard below.